Project management

We believe that the most client-oriented approach in clinical trials is to eliminate the managerial burden of a Sponsor. A clinical trial is a complex project combining multiple stakeholders, subcontractors, clinics, and agencies. Ideal project management is when we deliver weekly reports and regularly inform the Sponsor about metrics, current and planned activities. All internal communication between involved parties is the task of the CRO. Project managers' thinking should be driven by constant risk analysis and risk mitigation. If some future challenges are identified, they should be prevented by taking the proper actions. All internal procedures were designed to keep clients informed, but not burdened by continuous involvement and communication with third parties.

This is the reason why we manage all CRO activities internally. We like projects when we subcontract all vendors (logistics, laboratory, local depot, insurance, investigators) and other activities performed by Pharmaxi. In this case, all communication lines and information are available to the project manager. We do not miss a critical step and manage all companies, orchestrating the whole process and synchronizing activities. Our vision is to organize complex projects in such a way that it decreases the managerial burden on a client.

Pharmaxi's Project management Services:

  • Primary Liaison with customers.
  • Team management (internal and external).
  • Timeline management.
  • Budget management.
  • Project status reporting.
  • Risk mitigation/management.
  • Vendor management.
  • Project management throughout the country.
  • Contract management.

Our main purpose is to offer you the activities that best suit your project needs, while ensuring our proposal is reasonable as well as both cost and time efficient.

Contact us with your questions or concerns. We offer a free half-hour consultation with a clinical trial expert to discuss your request.

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