Biostatistics is one of the crucial elements of clinical research. The accuracy of the calculation of the sample size and selection of the proper statistical methods are vital for valid results and reports. The most appropriate way is to perform statistical planning beforehand (SAP development) and to perform statistical calculations and results interpretation at the end of the study. Data integrity is always higher if a single team does the planning and statistical calculations.

Pharmaxi's Biostatistics Services:

  • Development of overall strategy of statistical analysis.
  • Sample size calculation.
  • Application of adaptive design and/or group sequential strategies.
  • Selection of statistical analysis methods.
  • Innovative analyses and how to implement them, e.g., time-lag analysis.
  • Development of Statistical Analysis Plan.
  • Development of Interim Statistical Report.
  • Development of Final Statistical Report.

Our main purpose is to offer you the activities that best suit your project needs, while ensuring our proposal is reasonable as well as both cost and time efficient.

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