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Pharmaxi is a mid-sized CRO (Contract Research Organization) that operates in Eastern European countries. Eastern European countries are appealing places for clinical trials of drugs and clinical evaluation of medical devices. Pharmaxi's policy is based on a win-win philosophy. We have built a network of trusted partners around the world to provide a wide range of high-quality clinical trial services anywhere in Europe. Today our network includes 79 partnering companies, in which we manage simple, large, and multi-country projects for customers from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Israel, South Korea, and the United States.

Pharmaxi focuses on Phase II-IV clinical trials and large-scale non-interventional studies. The services provided cover all activities, from the Study Design development to the creation of a Final Study Report. You can delegate selected activities or a full-scale multi-country clinical trial to Pharmaxi. We'll be pleased to manage this project via our team or in collaboration with other partnering companies (CROs). If Pharmaxi does not deliver certain services (e.g., drug depots, logistics, insurance), we subcontract fully vetted local suppliers to provide the services necessary for the clinical trial. Centralized project management makes a trial easier for our customers. Single contact points, individual project managers, and regular reporting will ensure our cooperation is efficient and well-managed without significant effort from the client’s side.

Pharmaxi's Clinical Operating Services:

  • Worldwide feasibility studies.
  • Study start-up: site identification, qualification, and selection.
  • Contract management.
  • Regulatory documents development and review.
  • Study documents development.
  • Conduction of trainings for Investigators.
  • Essential document collection.
  • Trial Master File set-up and maintenance.
  • Site monitoring and management (on site and remotely).
  • Subject recruitment and retention.
  • Conduction of trainings for Clinical Research Associates.
  • Site initiation, monitoring and close-out.
  • On-site source data verification.
  • Medical monitoring.
  • Sponsor liaison.
  • Audit preparation.
  • IRB/EC submissions.
  • Third-party vendor management.

Our main purpose is to offer you the activities that best suit your project needs, while ensuring our proposal is reasonable as well as both cost and time efficient.

Contact us with your questions or concerns. We offer a free half-hour consultation with a clinical trial expert to discuss your request.

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