Company Mission

The current trend in the clinical studies industry is to complicate all activities and procedures. In the meantime, the time and resource costs of contract research organizations are growing. This trend leads to the continuous increase in prices of the clinical trials, as well as the length of time that is taken to get from the concept stage to the final report of the study. Therefore, more and more, the budgets of pharmaceutical companies for research and development are unable to be increased. For this reason, there has been a recent decrease in the number of innovative developments. Small pharmaceutical companies faced with such conditions are increasingly abandoning the idea of launching both intervention studies and post-marketing projects.

In relation to these trends, the mission of the company was formed. The mission of the company is to increase the availability of clinical studies services and to promote a speedy market entry of effective new drugs and medical devices.

We understand this mission as the goal that we are striving to achieve. In order to achieve this goal, an approach consisting of three components is implemented:

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