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Existing Partners

ATRC Aurigon Toxicological Research Center Ltd.

Aurigon: small enough to be flexible and large enough to provide full service.

Aurigon is a GLP-compliant preclinical CRO. With an experience of more than 5800 studies, we offer services from development candidate to marketed product. We provide various types of in vivo and in vitro studies including, but not limited to PK/PD; ADME, bioanalytics, in vitro and in vivo toxicology and safety pharmacology in several species such as mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit, dog, minipig.

Aurigon provides tailor-made services. The studies are performed by highly qualified staff with up to 30 years of experience in purpose-built facilities and with the use of modern equipment and instruments. Our primary goal is to build up long-term partnerships. We intend to achieve this by being involved to our partners’ projects, providing tailor-made designs if possible and acting as a problem-solver partner in their projects keeping their budget, timeline and goals in mind.

Key information
Type: Medium CRO
Country: Hungary
Core activities:
  • Toxicology (rodents and large animals)
  • PK / ADME
  • Safety pharmacology
  • in vitro safety and toxicology services
  • Bioanalytics

AtoZ-CRO GmbH is a full-service clinical research organization founded in 1984 by Dr. med. Ernst Günter Lenhard. Germany and the countries of Eastern Europe have represented a geographical focal area for the company since 1986.

But from 2007 Western European countries have been added. In 2009 the company was renamed to AtoZ-CRO and extended its services to the U.S. and Asia. The main office and the central project management are located in Overath, near Cologne, Germany.

Nowadays AtoZ has local monitors available who are located in all countries worldwide to run studies.

Key information
Type: Medium CRO
Country: Germany
Core activities:
  • Complete clinical development phases can be managed
  • Experienced monitors for clinical studies with pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Many drug-naïve patients available, esp. in Eastern Europe
  • Highly motivated investigators in Europe
  • Very short recruitment periods

ACTIVACRO is a Latin American full-service contract research organization (CRO), based in Buenos Aires Argentina, with operations in Latin America, that provides the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industry, with a range of services related to clinical development of health products.

The company was founded and is managed by senior professionals in Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Development and Regulatory Affairs, with combined decades of experience and knowledge developing clinical research programs. ACTIVACRO brings an experience from 60+ projects in all clinical phases of development and major therapeutic indications, including Experience Oncology, Hematology, Cardiovascular, Orphan Diseases, Neglected Disease, CNS. In the case of medical devices ACTIVACRO has a nitsche experience in pilot, pivotal and post marketing approval studies.

The regarding late phase we have currently experience in Phase IV interventional, none interventional (NIS), data extraction and health economics. Our Clinical Project Mangers bring an average of 10 years of experience in clinical research operations, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Key information
Type: Medium CRO
Country: Argentina: Head Operations Office
Office: Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil and Peru
Core activities:
  • Regulatory & legal entity
  • Project management
  • clinical operations: identification, selection, initiation, monitoring, closed.
  • medical writing
  • Medical monitoring & pharmacovigilanace reporting
SPECIPIG – Specific Pig SL

SPECIPIG, is a pioneer Breeding and Biomedical Research Centre focused on the pig model.

We breed miniature pigs and run in-vivo pig model studies for:

  • Medical device, tissue regeneration and new materials development: to test prototypes, to establish efficacy, to determine biocompatibility, to improve product knowledge, to minimize risk in the development, to convince the market with scientific evidence and to attract investment to further develop the project.
  • Pharma preclinical development: to run efficacy, toxicology, pharmacokinetic, tolerance and proof of concept studies.

We are GLP certified and have fully equipped surgery rooms and housing facilities to be able to fully cover the needs of any trial. We are experts on the pig model, enabling us to cope with the trial requirements with the least stress and securing the best welfare.

Key information
Type: Small CRO focused in preclinical pig studies
Country: Spain
Core activities:
  • Preclinical pig model dermathology studies
  • Preclinical pig model eye studies
  • Preclinical pig model dental studies
  • Preclinical pig model medical device (PoC, ISO10993, safety, biocompatibility, implantation) studies
  • Preclinical pig model pharma (PK, TK, PoC) studies

CATALYST SCIENTIFIC is a specialized consulting company that offers support and leadership in the health care sector. We support pharmaceutical companies and academic centers in optimizing clinical trial operations – from effective protocol design to proficient medical writing.

CATALYST SCIENTIFIC helps find solutions during your active clinical studies through trial rescue management efforts. We support you with regulatory affairs, process and quality optimization and specialized consulting services.

Key information
Type: Small, specialist services CRO
Country: Austria
Core activities:
  • trial rescue management
  • clinical operations
  • protocol and study conduct optimization
  • regulatory affairs
  • consulting
Altasciences Inc.

Altasciences (former name Algorithme Pharma) was started in 1992 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Inspected and approved by FDA, EMA, TPD, ANVISA, Thai FDA, MENA & GCC.

Altasciences presently has a pre-clinical animal facility in the USA, 400 clinical beds in Canada and the USA, complemented by 40 LCMS/MS machines for bioanalysis including small molecules and a Ligand Binding/Immunoassay Lab for large molecules.

At present, Altasciences performs approximately 20 clinical trials per month and analyses 50,000 plasma/serum/blood samples per month. Our strengths include scientific expertise, Client focus and flexibility, rapid timelines and very competitive pricing.

Key information
Type: Medium CRO
Country: HQ in Canada with facilities also in the USA.
Core activities:
  • Pre-clinical Trials
  • Clinical Trials including protocol development
  • Bioanalysis
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Biostatistics/PK/Reporting writing
ERBC Group

ERBC is a new CRO stemming from the merger of 2 well established CRO’s: CERB and RTC.

ERBC is focused on excellence, from preclinical proof-of-concept to market, in specialized areas: cardiology, electrophysiology and pharmacology models as well as in rodents and non-rodents toxicology studies (short and long-term). The new company offers a comprehensive range of experimental capabilities: preclinical models, full regulatory pre-IND package and consultancy services.

ERBC’s primary goal is to de-risk innovation and enhance R&D productivity of drug discovery, and for chemical industry professionals. ERBC articulates technical, scientific and regulatory expertise, as well as know-how and track record required for non-clinical studies of any type of drug candidate or chemical compound.

With a seasoned team of highly qualified scientists and personnel, ERBC has a customercentric approach while committed in improving all aspects of non-clinical study design and conduct, combining the 3R’s and considering animal well-being as a top priority.

Key information
Type: Medium CRO
Country: Headquarters in France
Core activities:
  • Translational Research
  • Toxicology
  • Safety Pharmacology
  • Bioanalysis
PHARMALOG Institut für klinische Forschung GmbH

Transparent, Accurate, Flexible, Friendly

Your professional partner for clinical studies in phase I, phase II-IV and non-interventional studies (NIS) since 1983.

Pharmalog, a privately owned, independent local Contract Research Organization (CRO), is member of BVMA (Federal Association of CROs in Germany) and is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015. Alongside the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and medical devices we also work for manufacturers of food supplements.

Depending on customers’ needs, our team of academics can implement either complete research projects or specific partial services in all German speaking countries and all over Europe in cooperation with our partners.

Having successfully implemented more than 400 clinical studies for over 50 pharmaceutical companies, we offer experience in lots of different indication areas.

Key information
Type: Midsized CRO
Country: Germany
Core activities:
  • Study Design & Medical Writing
  • Project Management including Clinical Trial Application & Study Site Selection
  • Monitoring
  • Data Management & EDC data base
  • Biostatistics (SDTM) & Coding
Mediconomics GmbH

Mediconomics GmbH is a full-service CRO headquartered in Hannover, Germany, with subsidiaries and affiliated companies located in the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, and the US.

We are experts in consultancy and new regulatory requirements; with a successful track record of almost 20 years supporting pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, in all phases of clinical development.
As an international service organisation, we recognise the role that our representatives play in building strong customer relationships. They represent a consummate balance of science and business; allowing us to achieve clinical excellence, technological innovation, and bottom-line productivity, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards. A flat hierarchy enables rapid and informed decision-making in response to our client’s requests and requirements.
Solutions are tailor-made for clients and additional marketing opportunities are contributed via our sister company: Medicoforum GmbH. Successful task completion credits our high client satisfaction rating, encouraging repeat business and promoting new business for the future.

Key information
Type: Small CRO
Country: Germany
Core activities:
  • Clinical Research
  • Regulatory and contracting process
  • Clinical operations
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Data Management
DRK Pharma Solutions

DRK Pharma Solutions is a leading clinical research organization providing Phase II – Phase IV clinical trial management in Asia through highly experienced professionals & world-class infrastructure. The team has conducted over 70 multinational and multi-center Phase II –IV clinical trials in various therapeutic segments.

Our regional site Pakistan having the world’s 6th largest population (220 million), treatment naïve patients and encouraging regulatory framework (Regulatory approvals in 4 - 5 months) is an ideal market for conducting clinical trials. Pakistan also has the advantage of not having many competing trials & unburdened sites allowing quick patient recruitment. Pakistan has the largest breast cancer burden along with one of the highest ratio of Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Hypertension, Rare Diseases and Cancer affected population in the world. We have ICH/GCP trained site staff, foreign qualified PIs in the region.

Numerous multinational pharmaceutical companies have conducted clinical trials in Pakistan contributing successfully in providing clinical trials data for drugs registrations with US FDA, EMA, etc.

Key information
Type: Medium CRO
Country: Headquarter –Switzerland, regional office – Pakistan
Core activities:
  • Clinical Trial Management (Phase II – IV)
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring
  • Feasibility Solutions
  • Regulatory/IRB Service
  • Product Development

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